About Us

Who We are?

Buyer beware, right?

It is what we have learned our whole life. So you will have to do your research before you make the right buying decision – brilliant. We do too.

Kitchengs is a small but unique website focused on finding and reviewing the best kitchen tools for everybody in one place.

We are a group of moms, chefs, kitchen enthusiasts, and lovers working behind this website to make it among the best kitchen tool resources on the web.

We keep working harder to find modern items, so you don’t need to spend your time doing your own research.

Our Vision

Our main goal is to offer you high-quality kitchen gear with thorough reviews that show you every product’s features, pros, and cons. After lengthy discussions and assessment for the available options, we came out with KITCHENGS website. Our straightforward, concise approach assists you in making the best buying decision and helps you spend your hard-earned money on the right and effective products that would make your life easier when it comes to kitchen and cooking tools.

Now, we know that a question pops up in your mind; why should I trust any recommended kitchen tools and reviews offered by this website?

The answer is simple; we turned hours upon hours of research down into actionable, concise reviews that you can read and assess to help you choose the correct item that fits your needs between alternatives. Another thing that can encourage you to trust us is the cost of offered items. We usually go for cost-effective, durable, and easy-to-use kitchen products! We recommend kitchen gears that have a money-back guarantee and serious warranty standing behind them. We do our best to offer the products that’ll last you a decade or longer? That’s the stuff we like to provide on our website.

What Is the Process of Reviewing a Product We Follow?

On average, our research consists of the following:

First Step: We check the item details on Amazon and other eCommerce websites thoroughly and read all the details about it on the manufacturer’s site. Then, I consider selling price and whether there are better alternatives with a lower price or not. When I see that the product is promising, I add it to my list.

Second Step: we contact the manufacturing company asking them to provide us with the product to review and feature it on our website. Some companies accept, and some do not. In this case, we have to buy the product to test it. In some cases, we can’t buy the products, so we read through thousands of reviews about these products across many websites – not just amazon.

Third Step: I write down all my notes about the product, then I search the reviews on Amazon and other platforms to find what customers are saying about it. The 4-5 star reviews on Amazon are usually the best signals of an item’s real advantages and disadvantages. We spend hours upon hours filtering the pros and cons of each product to make sure that the selected item will be helpful and practical for you.

Final Step: We write my review using our personal experience. We collected the info from different websites, including our competitors, to offer you a big picture of the product with its details.

We generally keep updating our articles; when a new product appears or a newer version of the listed product comes out to make sure you have the latest updates of the market and to offer you the latest available technologies.