do you peel ginger before juicing

Do You Need to Peel Ginger Before Juicing

Ginger peel is totally safe to consume It basically has a light gingery flavor and several nutritional values, too. But if you ever wondered whether it is better to remove the peel of ginger before using it to make juice?

If you are one of the people who love juice and love to enjoy it, the answer to the question “do you peel ginger before juicing?” will undoubtedly be YES.

Although making a shot of ginger juice without peeling it won’t be so different from drinking a cup of peeled ginger juice, we suggest peeling the ginger before juicing for several reasons that will be discussed in this article.

Ginger is one of the most delicious and most widely used herbs. The cultivation of ginger began in the southern part of East Asia. It is found in the family known as Zingiberaceae.
Ginger root (also known as Rhizome) is the part from which the spices of ginger are made. Ginger can be used in many forms. It can be used in different recipes, either fresh or in powder or after it is dried, and some prefer to use it as an oil or squeeze it. This is because it is very commonly used in foods and processed meats, and even some types of it are used in the cosmetics industry.

None of us can deny the extent of his love for any fresh juices, especially homemade ones, even if you are addicted to drinking ready-made soft drinks that are sold in stores and markets in the form of cans. So, for example, when I have to choose between one of those soft drinks with ginger or lemon juice, I definitely go for ginger juice.

Ginger Juice Benefits

Ginger juice is not only a drink that gives you a delicious taste and an incredible feeling of recovery, but regularly drinking it gives you many excellent benefits. You can also use it to prevent some common chronic diseases.

Below are some of the useful benefits of drinking ginger juice.

Improves digestion

Did you know that drinking a morning shot of ginger can better digestion?. Actually, homemade ginger juice contains a good number of volatile oils? One of the benefits of these oils is to awaken and stimulate all the taste buds and help smooth the flow of your juices.

Not only that, but it works to purify and sterilize the mouth from any microbes and helps in increasing saliva production, which would significantly improve digestion.
Therefore, most doctors advise eating a mixture of ginger and a little salt with some lime, daily and regularly, before or even after eating to facilitate digestion.

Helps prevent colds and reduce congestion of the throat

When you drink ginger juice when it is cold, it gives you many advantages and benefits, the most important of which is it helps eliminate harmful bacteria. Therefore, daily consumption of ginger juice with a bit of dried pepper powder helps permanently get rid of bothersome mucus and reduce lung congestion.

To use ginger juice to eliminate colds, mix a little ginger juice with the same amount of honey and drink it warm. Repeat this two to three times a day, and you will find the difference yourself, from clearing the throat and getting rid of the cold as soon as possible.

Used as a pain reliever

As we mentioned above about the significant role of ginger juice in getting rid of bacteria, did you know that it also has a huge role in relieving pain?

Ginger juice is used to relieve back pain by mixing a tablespoon of this juice with a bit of natural olive oil and then slowly massaging it directly on your back. You can also leave it like this all night, and you will notice the difference the next day directly.

Ginger can also help relieve severe toothache and pain and relieve headaches. As for dental pain, it is enough for you to put a small piece of ginger between each of your cheeks and teeth and let your saliva absorb the oils, and it will do its work.

You can take a little juice and rub it slowly and gently on your stomach for headaches or sinus pain.

Regulating blood pressure and preventing heart disease

The great writer Michael Castleman explained in his book entitled “Therapeutic Herbs” the chemical compounds in ginger can be used to reduce the sudden rise in blood pressure and regulate its rise. So it plays a major role in preventing the sudden occurrence of blood clots that block the arteries as well as the blood vessels in the body.

This is mainly due to ginger’s ability to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood, especially the type of low-density lipoprotein medically known as bad cholesterol, which can cause heart disease.

Get rid of annoying and bad breath

Have you ever felt embarrassed as a result of your bad breath? Here is the quick and magical solution to that problem; ginger juice.

Of course, the vitamin C in ginger juice helps to completely get rid of any type of bacteria in the mouth, which is the main reason for the bad smell. So all you have to do is mix some ginger juice with warm lemon juice and start using it to gargle for a period of at least a few minutes.

Used to treat acne and remove skin spots

Are you looking for why ginger helps deal with skin spots? It is very simple; we have already mentioned the outstanding role of ginger juice in getting rid of infections. So ginger juice is a wonderful and effective treatment to remove those scars.

You can use it by placing a little ginger juice on the area inflamed with acne and leaving it for a few minutes, then rinse it using cold water and leave the skin to dry completely.
Not only that, but you can use ginger juice to get rid of body scars and any dark and annoying skin spots.

Getting rid of toxins from the body

Did you know that you can use ginger juice to make what is commercially known as ginger tea? Do you also know the tremendous and scientifically proven benefit of this tea in ridding the body of toxins?

The famous dermatologist, Dr. Deepali Bhardwaj, mentioned that ginger juice is the first liquid in detoxing the body and giving what a person needs from the iron in the blood, which provides you with a feeling of healthy glowing skin. You can even apply it directly to any wound to heal without leaving a scar in its place.

It promotes hair growth

Yes, ginger can be a solution for hair growth. It might seem awkward at first. But after you see what ginger juice can do to your hair, you will be astonished by the fantastic results.
You can make this simple home mixture, mix a little ginger juice with onion slices, put it directly on your scalp to get strong and thick hair, leave it daily on your scalp for no less than a quarter of an hour then wash well and dry it.

You must have worried now that the usage of ginger on your hair can cause dandruff. This does not happen at all; on the contrary, ginger juice helps moisturize your hair and permanently gets rid of dandruff, especially if it is mixed with a bit of olive oil.

Do you peel ginger before juicing?

Of course, whether you are a fan of making ginger juice or you have never done it, you must now be wondering about the fate of the peel. The common belief is that you can juice unpeeled ginger using an electrical juicer since the juicer will get the juice from the pulp and skin. It seems right and practical, however, we highly recommend peeling the ginger before juicing even if you use fresh ginger with thinner skin for the below reason.

As everyone knows, farmers use large quantities of pesticides on all crops, including ginger, to get rid of insects. But, unfortunately, despite the benefits of those pesticides in getting rid of insects, their negative effects on human bodies cannot be counted. The Environmental Protection Agency or Organization has clarified that ingesting pesticides may affect fetuses, and the child will be born with congenital deformities. Some cancers may occur, or uncountable problems may occur in the heart muscle and many other severe and life-threatening diseases.

do you peel ginger before juicing
do you peel ginger before juicing

Therefore, experts always recommend washing the roots of plants well using cold water for minutes. As your (and your beloved persons) safety is very crucial for us, our website’s experts adopt the idea of peeling the ginger before juicing as an extra step after washing it very well.

Is ginger peel poisonous?

These are just myths, the ginger peel is far from being poisonous, but the incredible fact is that many doctors talk about its health and its use in making thousands of types of food dishes beneficial to the health of the body.

Does peeling the skin change the flavor?

If you are concerned about this, now you can rest assured that peeling the skin cannot change the flavor of the ginger at all. Removing the outer skin of the ginger does not reduce or even eliminate the bitter taste of ginger.

ِAlso, keep in mind that it is necessary to wash the ginger and soak it well before using it, because, as you know, it is grown in the soil, and any kind of pesticides harmful to human health can infect it.

Is ginger peel bitter?

Did you know that the degree of bitterness in the outer peel of organic ginger depends on its age? If it is still fresh in the harvest, the bitterness will be less, but when it reaches maturity and becomes ripe ginger, the bitter taste will appear in it.

So don’t be surprised when professional chefs want to chop and taste ginger before they start cooking.

Does ginger peel have nutrients?

When it comes to flavor, the ginger peel is pretty much the same as ginger. but if we come to the point of nutrients, the matter is not the same at all. It does not mean that the ginger peel is devoid of any nutrients, as some skilled chefs use the outer peel of ginger to make different dishes of broth with various steamed vegetables with meat.

Uses for ginger skin

Ginger peel has many beneficial uses, such as:

Making a mixture of vegetables with steamed meat

Many cooking enthusiasts around the world use ginger peel to add aroma to steamed vegetables, meats, or any other type of steamed food.

You can use a few ginger peels and sprinkle them on the surface if you want to make delicious food dishes from steamed vegetables, especially carrots, cauliflower, or even broccoli. The ginger peel will blend with the eating recipe and give you an unforgettable taste, and you can do the same steps when preparing meat on the steam.

Delicious broth

Have you stored some ginger peels in the fridge and don’t know yet what to use them for?
Here is the solution now, fill a cup or even half a cup of those peels, put approximately a liter of water in a saucepan, then add the peels in it.

Then, leave them on fire until it starts boiling. Now, you have a delicious broth that you can use in making different dishes from cooked vegetables. Also, many people prefer to use this broth to make wonderful ginger juices served in Chinese restaurants.

Add ginger peels to pickles

Of course, putting ginger peels on the marinade for any recipe gives you a wonderful smell and taste. You can put ginger peels in the seasoning of chicken or meat of different types and see this delicious taste that you will get.

You can also add some other spices, such as red pepper, anise, or even brown sugar, to add excitement and a spicy flavor to your dish.

Making ginger tea

Have you ever heard of the multiple benefits of ginger tea? It is very beneficial for the health of the gym, as ginger tea helps improve digestion and metabolic processes, eliminating colds and both sore throats, coughs, and sneezing.

So all you have to do is make your favorite cup of tea and add ginger peel with it to enjoy good health and an excellent refreshment for the body.

Make a face mask

Do you want to have glowing skin and have a uniform color free of pigmentation and scars? Ginger peels can be a great solution.

If you take out the ginger peels from your refrigerator and start using them, they work to reduce the appearance of acne, get rid of dark spots and reduce annoying pimples. So you can make an effective mask for the skin using it by mixing a tablespoon containing ginger peels with a bit of rose water and hanging or a little less than honey. Of course, you can use buttermilk in place of honey as well.

How do you peel ginger quickly?

Several methods can be used to peel ginger, but the most common way that helps you remove the peel easily and quickly is peeling with a metal kitchen spoon.

A knife can also be used, but it makes up part of the inner core of the ginger, so it is best to keep those parts and use the spoon.

Because peeling ginger is very difficult due to its annoying shape and divisions, peeling it with a knife or even by hand is difficult, so using the tip of the spoon is very effective.
All you can do is hold a piece of ginger in one hand and hold a spoon in the other hand. Then, start peeling the outer skin using the edge of the spoon. You will then notice the skin sliding on the spoon, and you can finish the whole piece in a few minutes.

do you peel ginger before juicing
do you peel ginger before juicing

What kind of juicer is best for ginger & ginger shots?

If you are a ginger lover and use it a lot in your juicer, you should buy a medium-level machine, and of course, if it is advanced, it will be better and better. Ginger roots are characterized by being solid and having a great density. so you need a valuable and strong device that can handle it, even if you do not use ginger a lot or only use it once a week.

Let’s take a closer look at all the types of ginger juicers that can help you in your business:

Slow Juicers

Its cost may be relatively high compared to the other types, but it remains the best method used to juice ginger. The slow juicer helps you grind large and thick quantities of ginger roots and, at the same time, enables you to get a smooth product at the end.

Masticating (Cold Press) juicers

This is the second most ideal option after slow chewing, and it is an effective and wonderful way to grind ginger, it can give you a larger amount of juice so it is best if you are a juice lover, but its only drawback is the ease of blocking the small holes in it.

Fast (Centrifugal) juicers

This is the last option we have, and it is preferable to use it only if you do not use ginger except for long and short periods, this wonderful type of juicer can easily deal with ginger root, but you will need to chop the ginger in the beginning to get pieces of a much smaller size than the previous two types, Unfortunately, even if you do this you will not get the perfect result in terms of the degree of smoothness, so it is no wonder if we say that this is the cheapest of all the types.

Are there any other ways to get juice from ginger?

Luckily, there are a few ways to make ginger juice.

Garlic Press: If you just want a little quantity of ginger juice (for tea or salads), you can simply utilize a garlic press. Just peel off and slice it into little bits to fit in the garlic press and press it completely.

Using a Blender or Food Processor: This technique muscle strength from you. Get the ginger, wash it, peel the skin then slice them into rough pieces, enough to quickly blend in a food processor or blender. Furthermore, blend it with a cup of water till it becomes pasty and thick. Finally pour some warm water into it and filter using a cheesecloth. Press to get the juice.

Using a Grater: It might need needs a good deal of effort and hard work. Shred the ginger right away on a cheesecloth set over a bowl to get all the juice and then press the juice out from the ginger.

How to prepare ginger root for juicing?

Several steps must be adhered to and followed to make useful and excellent ginger juice:

1- clean the ginger

Before you think about peeling ginger or not, you should take care of cleaning it well, it should not be said that you do not need to clean the ginger deep because you will already be peeling it. This is not good at all, and it is necessary to wash to make sure that all the existing insecticides that may be mixed with the juice have been removed.

Get the amount of ginger you need for juice. Run it under warm water, scrubbing the outer skin with your hands. Then, have a vegetable brush and scrub the outside to take out any remaining bacteria or dirt. Dry it off, and it’s ready to use.

2- Peel the ginger

Of course, this step is optional and is done according to your preferences, but if you decide to peel (Recommended), you should look at the above paragraph that helps you peel ginger in the easiest way that shortens your time and effort.

3- Chop it

We have reached the last step. This step is not obligatory, and we only offer advice. It is suggested to cut ginger into smaller pieces before adding it to the juicer. This step is essential because it prevents pieces of ginger from getting stuck inside the juicer, and it won’t be easy to get rid of them after that.

It is preferable to crush the ginger into small pieces, such as a finger stick. I would also like to remind you that peeled ginger facilitates the performance of your juicer and keeps your machine intact without damage.


Below are some of the most asked questions about ginger and its peels. All the questions are answered

What to do with the ginger pulp?

It is better not to discard any fibrous pulp that remains after making juice ultimately. Everything can be used, including pulp too!

You can put that pulp and apply it in an ice cube tray, and then steep it with hot tea to help you in relieving chronic sore throats. Or you could find a way to dry the ginger pulp and then rub it into a volatile powder and use it to make food.

Is too much ginger bad for you?

Personally, I used to think that ginger could never be harmful, but I was surprised to learn that excessive amounts of ginger can have some negative side effects.

According to what scientists have approved, the permissible amount of ginger per day is only 4 grams. However, it should not exceed that, especially for women waiting for a baby or people with diabetes. In both cases, you must pay attention to the amount consumed daily.
Also, ginger root can help reduce blood sugar levels, which poses a significant risk to diabetic patients. And if you are pregnant, overeating ginger can negatively affect your child’s hormones or even cause you to miscarry. Hence, it is preferable to stay away from it as much as possible during your pregnancy.


In the end, if you want a quick answer to the question “do you peel ginger before juicing” the answer will be YES. We don’t suggest using unpeeled gingers to make a juice, we believe that peeling the ginger before juicing is a good thing, and it is always preferable to do it to get safer food for everyone. Peeling the ginger will reduce the bitterness caused by the peels and will also reduce the time that juicer needs to extract the juice. On the other hand, ginger peels have a lot of usages. For example, a lot of companies use peels to produce ginger tea.

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